LAB 2021

Week 1

Week 2











Week 3

  • Project Deliverable 1 deadline - Project Text Specification (check Microsoft Teams)
  • Topics
    • Agile Methodologies, Scrum
    • Issue tracking systems (Jira, Youtrack), Features, Stories, Tasks
  • Scrum Intro Tutorials











  • Some tutorials on Jira. To start playing around with Jira Cloud please follow this tutorial.
  • Jira Example of the Student Manager Project











Week 4

  • Evaluation 1 on Agile methods, Scrum, JIra & Use Cases (check Campus Virtual)
  • Topics
    • Git
    • Please study the Git tutorial here and do the practice exercise at the end of it.
    • You can also take a look at the Version Control presentation here and you can find several Git demos and/or tutorials if you scroll down a little. In-depth, official Git documentation can be found here.
    • To install Git on your computer, see the installation instructions here
  • Documentation
  • Demo Git
    • A demo on how to use git locally and connect them to remote repositories.











  • Some tutorials on how to use Git in IntelliJ IDEA (very useful)












  • To integrate your Git repository with Jira Cloud
    • for GitHub, you can use the marketplace application and follow the steps described here.
      • You can also read more about GitHub-Jira integration here

Week 5

  • Git Exercise
    • Work in pairs of 2 to implement a Student Manager System:
    • Tasks for Student A
    • Tasks for Student B
    • Please use Java 8 (or be aware that since Java 11 JavaFX has been removed from the JDK and must be installed as a separate component; and that since Java 9 there is a new feature: Modularity, and JavaFX is designed using modules, so things might get more tricky for you...)

Week 6

  • Evaluation 2 on Git (check Campus Virtual)

Week 7

Week 8

  • Project Deliverable 2 deadline - Project Specification using Use Cases & Jira, Basic Structure on GitHub (check Microsoft Teams)
  • Topics
    • CI/CD (Jenkins / Github Actions)

Week 9

  • Evaluation 3 on Build tools & CI/CD (check Campus Virtual)

Week 10

Week 11

  • Evaluation 4 on UML class & sequence diagrams (check Campus Virtual) (Friday at the lecture 18:00, for all groups)
  • Topics
    • Questions and project help

Week 12

  • Topics
    • Questions and project help

Week 13-14

  • Project Deliverable 3 - Final Project

The page from the previous years can be found here.