Schedule 2017-2018

  • Labs B426 Class Instructor: Mario Rivis
  • Wednesday 12-14, Friday 16-18, 18-20


Exam 3 - 14.02.2018

  • Results can be found here
  • If clarifications are needed, you can find me Tuesday (20.02.2018) in ASCP - P11 between 14.00-14.30


  • You can find nice examples and information about all discussed design patterns here. Also, I recommend you to read from "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides.
  • The presentation about introduction to design patterns is here
  • Test Results are in the spreadsheet!
  • Please read the following two links regarding safety in the lab: link1, link2.
  • You can check the situation here.
  • In week 7 you are going to write your first test! You can find a short recap here.

Week 1 - Assignement 1

OOP / Java Review

Week 2

This week the presented topics will be Git and IDEs. If you want to attend the presentation, please write your name and the time slot when you would like to come here.

Summary week 2 here.

Week 3 - Assignement 2


Week 4

The presentation about build tools is here. The last three links are worth looking at.

About Agile software development, you can find the video about Scrum here. A related video, about Kanban, can be found here.

Related to Issue Tracking Systems, you can find a short presentation from Atlassian, about Jira. Unfortunately, Jira is not free. So I recommend this demo, from Jetbrains, related to their product, Youtrack. Both tools are great and have similar features, but Youtrack is free for teams up to 10 people.

Week 5 - Assignment 3

S.O.L.I.D - Liskov Substitution Principle

You can find a summary of the Liskov Substitution Principle discussion here. The presentation also contains some slides about the Dependency Inversion Principle.

Week 6 - Assignment 4

You can find the presentation here.

S.O.L.I.D - Dependency Inversion Principle

Presentation topics

Here you can find my list of proposed topics, that will be presented in the other weeks. If you have any other proposal, or you would like to talk about a certain topic and present it to your colleagues, feel free to write me an email.