Schedule 2017-2018

  • Labs B426 Class Instructor: Mario Rivis
  • Thursdays 16-18, 18-20

Exam 1 - 10.12.2018

  • The results will be available on campus virtual Friday afternoon. If you are a student in the 4th year and you are not enrolled in this lecture please send an email to the address mentioned in Contact (
  • If clarifications are needed, you can find me Tuesday (18.12) in ASCP - P11 between 08.30-09.30.


  • Here you can find information on how you will present the project.
  • The frontend and backend repositories.
  • Both repositories contain 2 branches (first-group) and (second-group) where I have uploaded the code I wrote with both groups during the two sessions.
  • Happy Hollidays!
  • The results for the first test will be available at latest Wednesday on Campus Virtual.

Week 1 - Assignement 1

Week 2

Summary week 2 here.

Week 3

  • If you want to join a longer presentation about build tools (Maven / Gradle) on Wednesday, please write your name in the corresponding timeframe here.
  • This week we will further talk about the project.
  • The frontend and backend repositories.

Week 4

Week 5

Week 7

Laboratory 2017