According to the university decision, the SEF lecture and labs will take place exclusively online. In both cases, we will use the Microsoft Teams platform. The registration procedure to the corresponding team is presented in Campus Virtual.

For students retaking the lab, register by using the self-enrol procedure (or by writing to CV support) to the SEF course on CV using the next link This has to be done in the first week of the semester.

Please carefully follow the next rules

During the semester, you will have 3 lab evaluations. The evaluations will be held during the lab classes and they will be announced. Each evaluation can bring you a maximum of 30 points (0 points if you miss it). You also get 10 points from the start, resulting in a maximum of 3x30+10=100 points for your evaluation grade. The actual grade is obtained by dividing the number of points to 10.

You will also have a project that you'll have to develop during the semester, working in teams of 2, both members having the same teaching assistant. The project will have several milestones during the semester, consisting in specific project deliverables that will have to be submitted by previously established deadlines. Late submissions on a deliverable will result in deductions from your project grade. Your team will present the project in week 13-14. The project mark must be greater or equal to 5 to pass the applicative part of the discipline.

The grade for the entire applicative part will be obtained as the average between the evaluation grade and the project grade. This average must be greater or equal to 5 to pass the applicative part of the discipline. In the last week, you can obtain a mark for maximum one (1) lab evaluation you missed.