Programarea aplicațiilor distribuite / Distributed Programming

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Aceasta este pagina oficiala a cursului de Programarea aplicatiilor distribuite, anul III CTI. Aici veti putea gasi cele mai proaspete informatii despre curs, inclusiv slide-urile prezentate in fiecare saptamana si informatiile despre examen.

This is the official Distributed Programming course site, for the 4th year, CTI-EN program. Here you can find updated information about the course, lab, and exam (including the slides presented during lectures).

Va rog sa consultati periodic aceasta pagina, deoarece aici vor aparea si toate anunturile importante legate de curs.

Please check back often, as this is the place where all official announcements will be published.

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Dan Cosma

Announcement for students in IV CTI-EN

Each team must present, until April 9, 2019, a document describing the second project submitted to this class. The document, in PDF format, will be sent via e-mail to the course supervisor (Dan Cosma), and optionally delivered as one hard copy (print) per team, to the lab supervisor. The hard copy should consist of just the pages stapled together, without covers. The submission will be evaluated on April 10, 2019.

The document must have 4-6 pages, and must contain at least the following:

  • The name of the project, the name of the team and the names of the team members
  • The roles and contributions to the project of the team members
  • General description of the project: purpose, field of application, usage scenarios, etc.
  • Software design: description of the high-level design of the system, the software components involved and their interaction, architectural traits, etc. It is mandatory to include a diagram depicting the main components, how they communicate to each other (dependencies), and the technologies used for each component and for communication. The diagram must be accompanied with a text description.
  • Description of the implementation issues: specific algorithms used, structure of the project, tools used for development, etc. 
  • Deployment information: how was the system deployed on actual computers or virtual machines, automation tools used (if any), installation issues and notes.


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