Welcome to the Operating Systems laboratory classes!

This is the place where you will find all the relevant info for the lab activity during the semester.

Lab Rules

It is important to read the rules that govern the lab classes, as they deal with essential matters as attending, successful lab completion, and grading:

Lab Structure

Week Activity
1 Introduction
2 Lab 1 (shell script: introduction)
3 Lab 2 (shell script: regular expressions, sed)
4 Lab 3 (files)
5 Lab 4 (directories)
6 Test 1 (files and directories)
7 Lab 5 (processes)
8 Lab 6 (signals)
9 Lab 7 (pipes 1)
10 Individual work, pipes
11 Test 2 (shell script)
12 Test 3 (processes, pipes, signals, threads)
13 Lab 8 (threads)
14 Q&A


  • The lab in Week 10 does not have to be redone in case of absence.


In order to prepare for the lab assignments, you are strongly adviced to consult the course materials first:

A few additional links on the Web that may help you during the semester:


Shell and shell scripting

File systems