Welcome to the Operating Systems laboratory classes!

This is the place where you will find all the relevant info for the lab activity during the semester.

The Campus Virtual page

All lab activity is channeled through the dedicated Campus Virtual page of this course.


Students that are redoing the lab (recontractanti) or students that for some other reason are not registered to the Campus Virtual version of the course must register by following this link:

Lab Rules

It is important to read the rules that govern the lab classes, as they deal with essential matters as attending, successful lab completion, and grading:

Lab Structure

Week Activity
1 Introduction
2 Lab 1 (shell script: introduction)
3 Lab 2 (shell script: regular expressions)
4 Lab 3 (files)
5 Lab 4 (directories)
6 Lab 5 (processes)
7 Lab 6 (signals)
8 Test 1 (files, directories, processes, signals)
9 Lab 7a (pipes 1)
10 Lab 7b (pipes 2)
11 Lab 8 (threads)
12 Test 2 (processes, pipes, signals, shell scripts, threads)
13 Feedback for tests
14 Q&A