Concurrent and Event-Based Programming

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Authors: Dan Cosma, Petru Mierlutiu, (c) 2008-2020
Updated: 26 September 2021

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During the lab classes, students must develop one medium-sized project, working in teams of at most 4 persons

Team leaders must announce the chosen project to the lab supervisor, no later than the end of the second week of the semester.

Students will attend the lab and submit the project with their team, at the date they were registered to.

Projects must be written in Java. The lab supervisor may approve using other platforms in special cases. Projects must be designed to deal with all concurrency problems specific to the chosen subject, such as deadlock, livelock, starvation, visibility, etc. Project submission after the deadline leads to penalties.

Project description

The project can be implemented as a local application or a distributed one. The project deadline is Week 12.

Students can choose the specification of projects, which has to be approved by the lab supervisor.

Examples of projects (only partially translated from Romanian, for now):

  1. Workflow Simulator
  2. Bureaucratic System
  3. Messaging Server
  4. Strategy game
  5. Stock exchange
  6. Chemistry game
  7. Game of life

Course page

All information about the course, including slides, exam dates and grades are available on the course site.


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For questions please contact the lab supervisors by e-mail:

  • Dan Cosma, at adress danc at cs -dot- upt dot ro.