Updated: 2018-09-12


2nd year, CTI-EN

3rd year, CTI-EN

Questions about the second exam can be sent by e-mail to the course instructor (Dan Cosma) until 2018-03-10, 21:00

Exam dates

Exam schedule:

  • First exam: 02 February 2018, 16:00, room A117
  • Second exam: 23 February 2018, 16:00, room D1

Information about the exam

Note. The exam will consist of 14-20 multiple choice with multiple answers questions.

Examples of questions:

Q1. Does a non-smart TV set that can play movies from a USB stick have an operating system?
a) yes, because it is an electronic device; b) yes, because it is a computing system having a CPU and peripheral devices; c) no, because it is driven by a firmware; d) no, because it is a general purpose electronic device; e) no, because it is made of proprietary components.
(correct answers: b)

Q2. bash is:
a) a shell; b) a shell script; c) a system call; d) a command-line interpreter; e) a library function.
(correct answers: a,d)

Q3. Sending the strings in the answers below, each on a separate line, to the command
grep '^[bcdfr]..a.' will have the effect of printing at the standard output:
a) usable; b) coral; c) coats; d) rural; e) educate
(correct answers: b, d)