Updated: 2024-06-30

OS Exam - 2nd presentation

The 2nd presentation will take place, as agreed with the student representative, on July 1, 2024, at 14:00. The exam follows the same rules and time frames as the first presentation.


After analyzing the results and exam participation on June 14, we have decided that the oral part of the exam will not be activated for the first presentation. Students can now see their grades in the gradebook on Moodle (Campus Virtual), including the points and the corresponding mark they got at the quiz.

OS Exam - 1st presentation

The general description of the exam is below. Students who did not request equivalation must attend the exam. Contact us by e-mail for any issues related to the exam.

The written part of the exam will be held online, and starts at 14:00, on Friday, June 14, 2024 as follows:

  • the mandatory quiz (13-15 multiple choice questions) will be available between 14:00 and 14:45, and must be filled in in at most 15 minutes. At the cut-out time (14:45) the quiz will be closed regardless of when you started it, so make sure you connect in time. Note: for each question, selecting a wrong answer voids the respective question regardless of the other chosen answers.
  • the optional assignment (the development of a C program with possible scripting) will start at 14:45 and must be submitted in at most 60 minutes. The cut-out time is 16:15, at which the assignment will be closed regardless of the time when you started it.

The oral part of the exam will be activated if needed, mainly for verification purposes. It will be announced on this website until Monday, activated on a per-case basis, and will be mandatory for the respective students. Failure to attend the announced oral exam will lead to general exam failure. Check your personal Campus Virtual account and this page for messages and announcements.

The written assignment and quiz will be available on the OS Campus Virtual page, in the Exam section.

General exam information

As discussed at the lectures, the exam consists of two parts and provides different possible tracks. Also, we provide a bonus track to equivalate (equate) the exam in a manner related to the work you have done at the lab (see section B, below).

All students must choose the type of exam by filling in this form on Campus Virtual until June 5th, 2024.

A. The standard exam consists of two parts:

  • Part 1. Written exam, as a set of assignments that must be done in a limited time interval during the exam day. They will be:
    • a) A mandatory quiz consisting of 13-15 random multiple choice questions. The quiz must be filled in in 15 minutes. The maximum grade provided by the quiz alone is 7. Each question may have multiple valid answers, and the grade for that question is proportional to the number of correct answers. Selecting a wrong answer voids the respective question regardless of the other chosen answers.
    • b) An optional assignment consisting of developing a C program in a similar style with what you have explored at the lab (C + scripts). The program will have to be written from scratch during a limited time, and it must work as described in its specification. Programs with errors or which do not compile will not be taken into consideration. This will provide the additional maximum 3 points for a total grade of maximum 10.
  • Part 2. Oral exam, consisting of direct questions from the examiner to the student, in an interview style. This part will only be activated when necessary, at the examiner's choice, to clarify issues/questions observed at the written part. Students will be asked to participate at a further date, and failing to do so will end up with failing the exam.

B. As an exception, this semester students can choose to equivalate (equate) their Exam with their Lab assignment grade (the project done during the semester) if that grade is equal with or higher than 5. For this purpose, they must fill in the form linked above with the proper choice. Once the equivalation is chosen, it will be valid for ALL exam dates (presentations) and cannot be changed after the first one. Important: choosing to participate to the standard exam invalidates any choice of using the lab project grade for it.