• You need to have two distinct sets of papers: one for the theory part and one for the problem part. I remind you that in order to pass the exam you need a mark greater or equal to 5 at both parts simultaneously (i.e. in the same presentation)
  • During the exam, it is mandatory to have with you your official student / id card
  • Any electronic/communication equipment must be turned off and put in your bags / backpacks / etc.
  • In case of an exceptional 4th attempt to take the exam (decided by the Administration Council for terminal years) you must present to your professor before the exam i) the required application signed by the Dean and ii) the requested receipt to prove the tax payment


  • Exam 1 (according to the university decision, special presentation for students in the last year)
    • The results are available on https://cv.upt.ro
    • If clarifications are needed for Theory, I will be available Wednesday (9.01), 12:00-12:30, B514 (no emails).
    • If clarifications are needed for Problems, send an email to Casandra until tomorrow (8.01), 14:00.
    • If you want to know the mark where a "-" symbol is presented, send an email to Casandra until tomorrow (8.01), 14:00.
    • Friday, 14.12.2018, 14.00, A117