Development Of Complex Distributed Applications

A complex distributed system

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The Development of Complex Distributed Applications course is taught to the 1st year students enrolled in the Software Engineering or Information Technologies Master programs at "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, and focuses on the concepts, technologies, and the design of large, modern distributed and enterprise applications.

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Dan Cosma, Ph.D.

16 June is the last chance for project submission (Recuperari in sesiune) Plus: Exam date

Applying University regulations, students that have not submitted the DCDA project can present it on 2015/06/16 at 13:00 in room B528. This will count as an official paid re-participation at one lab class (recuperare cu plata a unei lucrari de laborator), therefore the students will have to show the receipts from the payment office at the submission time.

The exam is also set for the same date and place, for students that need to take it.

Please inform all students interested in this opportunity.

Please read this (Recuperari)

You should really follow the lab site announcements instead of asking questions I have already answered :)


Starting with the 5th week of the semester, the lectures will be held in room B528.