What's new and What's Old? The History of the Tutorial

Universal Children's Day, 5 Oct 98

Labor Day Release: 7 Sept 98

Laine's Birthday Release: An Update, 14 Aug 98

Laine's Birthday Release, 3 Aug 98

The Summer Solstice Release, 26 June 98

Nettle Day (UK), 29 May 98

Arbor Day, 24 April 98

The Vernal Equinox, 20 March 98

Saturnalia, 22 December 97
The long awaited update!-- this is a major update of the tutorial. Almost every file has been touched in some way.

This release of the online tutorial corresponds with the release of the 2nd edition of The Java Tutorial book and is the version of the online tutorial that appears on the CD-ROM that accompanies that book.

The changes are in progress, but to a large extent we have integrated 1.1 information into the existing trails, lessons, and examples. This is in sharp contrast to the 1.1 notes that were littered throughout the previous version of the tutorial and were, admittedly, somewhat confusing.

Also, we are in the process of integrating copyedit and other changes made to the book version, into the online version. This has been completed thoroughly in some areas of the online tutorial, and spottily in other areas. We will continue with this process throughout the coming months.

New lessons in this tutorial that first appeared in print in the 2nd edition of The Java Tutorial book:

New trails for this version of the tutorial that haven't yet made it to print:
8 July 97

14 May 97 We improved and added more 1.1 information in existing sections. We added more examples of and information about the various types of event listeners to The New AWT Event Model. We also fixed the AroundTheWorld applet used in Writing Global Programs.

28 April 97 We added a new trail, To 1.1 -- And Beyond!, which is the headquarters for features added to the JDK after 1.0. Also, the Learning the Java Language and Essential Java Classes trails now have notes that point out material that is affected by 1.1. And finally, we reorganized our top-level files to make them more accessible.

3 March 97 Added a brand new trail introducing JavaBeans! This trail, JavaBeans Tutorial, written by Greg Voss, shows you the ins and outs of developing programs using the JavaBeans technology.

19 February 97

24 December 96 -- Miscellaneous fixes. Also, added a new lesson describing new features of the JDK for Writing Global Programs.

6 June 96 -- Released the Sixth DRAFT.

This draft is the version on which the book version is based. The book and online versions aren't exactly the same -- for example, none of the copyeditor's changes have made it into the online tutorial yet. Also, the online tutorial's figures haven't been updated to be the same as those in the book. Notable content changes since the fifth draft include:

28 Mar 96 -- Released the Fifth DRAFT.

Many pages in this draft have been rewritten or expanded upon. (If you've sent us comments and don't see them reflected in this draft, please don't be insulted -- we haven't finished incorporating reviewer comments.) Some of the notable changes include:

4 Mar 96 -- Released the Fourth DRAFT

Among the normal bug, typo and broken link fixes, this draft includes revisions to many of our old trails and lessons, plus this new material:

24 Feb 96 -- Released the Third DRAFT

Among the normal bug, typo and broken link fixes, this draft includes revisions to many of our old trails and lessons, plus this new material:

23 Jan 96 -- Updated the Second DRAFT

18 Jan 96 -- Updated the Second DRAFT

12 Dec 95 -- Updated the Second DRAFT

13 Nov 95 -- Updated the Second DRAFT

2 Oct 95 -- Released the Second DRAFT

18 May 95 -- Released the First DRAFT