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Overview of the JDK

by Monica Pawlan
of the Java Developer Connection (JDC)

This is a draft! Please send feedback on this trail to Put overview in the subject. Your feedback is important to us.
The Overview of the JDK trail takes an eagle-eye view of new features in JDKTM in 1.1 and 1.2, explains how these features might be used in a fictional business application, and describes what comes in a JDK 1.2 download.

A Case Study: A Business Application for Duke's Bakery describes how the various JavaTM APIs might be used to create a business application to run the daily operations of a growing bakery business.

What You Get When You Download JDK 1.2 describes what you get when you download JDK 1.2.

Features Roadmap presents brief descriptions of the new APIs with links to the corresponding trails, and includes tables that summarize the new features according to release.

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