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by Jim Inscore

This is a draft! Please send comments and suggestions on this trail to with the word "IDL" in the subject.

This tutorial introduces how to use JavaTM IDL, the CORBA-compliant distributed object technology provided with the Java Development KitTM 1.2. Using Java IDL, Java applications and applets can communicate with objects anywhere on the web, and written in any language that supports CORBA.

This chapter is divided into three sections:

Introducing Java IDL explains the basic concepts and standards behind Java IDL and defines the key terms used in the CORBA technology.

The Hello Client-Server Example steps through a very simple but complete client and server that use Java IDL.

Summary compares features of Java RMI and Java IDL technologies, and points to other resources on Java IDL and CORBA programming.

Additional Documentation:

The JDK 1.2 documentation contains complete Java IDL information including the API reference for all relevant classes.

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