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Writing Applets

Directly or indirectly, this trail covers everything you need to know to write a Java applet. Because applets can use almost all of the Java API, this trail mentions many features that are explained elsewhere. Feel free to cross over to other trails to learn about the features that interest you. Once you're ready to write an applet, you can return to this trail to find out how the applet environment affects the features you want to use.

Overview of Applets tells you how applets work. You should thoroughly understand this lesson before going further in this trail.

Taking Advantage of the Applet API talks about how to use the API to which only applets have access. It covers sound, applet parameters, the <APPLET> tag, interapplet communication, and making requests to the browser.

Practical Considerations When Writing Applets discusses topics that are covered elsewhere in this tutorial but that are affected by the applet environment. For example, it mentions some factors you should consider when writing the graphical user interface (GUI) for your applet. It also talks about security restrictions on applets and how a server-side application can help you get around those restrictions.

Finishing an Applet describes the characteristics of a high-quality applet. It includes Before You Ship That Applet, a checklist of some annoying behaviors you should avoid in your applet.

Common Problems (and Their Solutions) explains the solutions to some problems you might run into while writing your applet.

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