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by Dale Green

The lessons in this trail teach you how to internationalize Java applications. After internationalization, it is easy to tailor applications to the customs and languages of end-users around the world.

Note: The internationalization features documented in this trail were added to the Java Development Kit (JDK) for its 1.1 release. Thus, the code examples in the following lessons will work only on Java platforms that are compatible with version 1.1 of the JDK software.

Introduction defines the term internationalization, gives a quick example program, and provides a checklist you can use to internationalize an existing program.

Setting the Locale describes how to create and use Locale objects.

Isolating Locale-Specific Data shows how to dynamically access objects that vary with Locale.

Formatting explains how to format numbers, dates, and text messages according to Locale, and how to create customized formats with patterns.

Working with Text provides techniques for manipulating text in a locale-independent manner.

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