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Advanced Topics in
Computer Graphics

Introduction to
Computer Graphics

Advanced Topics in
Computer Graphics

User Interfaces

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This is the second course in Computer Graphics and continues the subjects treated in the introductory course Introduction to Computer Graphics. The subjects are focused on advanced techniques for generating images.


Hidden Lines and Surfaces: Depth Sorting Methods

  • Polygon Meshes

  • Hidden Facets Removal

  • Depth Sorting. Triangle Decomposition

  • Geometric Sort

  • Painter's Algorithm

  • Hidden Lines Removal

Hidden Lines and Surfaces: The Warnock and Depth-Buffer Methods

  • Warnock's Algorithm

  • Depth Buffer Methods

    • Z-Buffer Algorithm

    • Scan Line Algorithm

Hidden Lines and Surfaces: Special Cases

  • Surfaces defined by a Function y=f(x,z)

  • Grid Surfaces

Colour in Computer Graphics

  • Colour Vision

  • Measuring Colour

  • Colour Models

  • Colour Output

  • Colour Usage

Objects Lighting and Shading

  • Local reflection models

  • Shading surfaces

  • Texture and transparency

  • Ray-tracing

  • Classical radiosity

Animation Techniques

  • Animation by Hierarchic Control

  • Scenario-based Systems

  • Movement Control


  • Foley, van Dam, Feiner, and Hughes - Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice (2nd edition in C) 
  • Foley, van Dam, Feiner, Hughes, and Phillips - Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Alan Watt - 3D Computer Graphics (3rd edition)
  • Sorin Babii - Sisteme de Prelucrari Grafice, Curs




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