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A Brief Description of the BINGO Programs

Our implementation of the BINGO game in Java is a client/server application, and as such, is comprised of two Java programs that run in separate Java Virtual Machines.

The server is called the Game, and the client is called the Player.

The Game

The Game manages bingo games. It registers players and generates the cards that they play with, starts and stops games, announces the balls as they are chosen from the bag of balls, verifies winning cards, prevents players from being a nuisance, and provides status to game listeners.

The Player

The Player provides the interface for users to interact with the BINGO game. To play, a user pushes the Join the Next Game button. If the Player is allowed to play, the Game gives some BINGO cards to the player. As the game proceeds the user marks the card as balls are announced. When the card has a BINGO (5 in a row, column, or diagonal) the user clicks a button which notifies the Game of the win.

The Flow of the Game

Here's a chart that describes the flow of the BINGO game.
The flow chart leaves out some details but basically the flow of the game is as follows:

To get a better understanding of the flow of the game, you should play. The next section shows you how.

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