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Traditional BINGO

If you're already familiar with the game of BINGO, you probably have images of superstitious, blue-haired, old women in a church hall maniacally hovering over a dozen, dog-eared, rumpled cards. You can skip this section.

If you're not familiar with BINGO then you'll want to read this section.

A Brief Description of the BINGO Programs

Our Java implementation of BINGO is a client/server application that allows players all over the world to play BINGO together. No money changes hands! This is not's just good clean fun.

Let's Play!

The code will make more sense if you play the game first. Besides, it's fun.

The Code

This section describes each class that contribute to the Game and Player programs and how they fit together. Also, this page provides an ftp to download the all of the source files for this example.

What's Interesting?

The Game and the Player applications use many of the JDK 1.2 features such as:

Exercises for the Reader

We haven't done it all. Read here for a list of things you can do to improve the BINGO game.

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