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The servletrunner Utility

Once you have written your servlet, you can test it in the servletrunner utility.

The servletrunner is a small, multithreaded process that handles requests for servlets. Because servletrunner is multi-threaded, it can be used to run multiple servlets simultaneously, or to test one servlet that calls other servlets to satisfy client requests.

Unlike some web servers, servletrunner does not automatically reload updated servlets. However you can stop and restart servletrunner with very little overhead to run a new version of a servlet.

Setting Servlet Properties

You might have to specify certain pieces of data to run a servlet. For example, if a servlet requires initialization parameters, you must set up this data before starting servletrunner.


Starting servletrunner

After the property file is set up, you can run the servletrunner utility. This section explains how.

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