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This lesson teaches you how to use the Java Printing API to print from your Java applications. You'll learn how to render the contents of your components to a printer instead of a display device and how to compose and print multi-page documents. This lesson assumes that you've read Overview of the Java 2D API and are familiar with using a Graphics2D rendering context.

Overview of Printing in Java

This section gives an overview of the support for printing AWT and Java 2D graphics and describes the Java Printing model.

Printing the Contents of a Component

Learn how to create a PrinterJob and use a Printable to print the contents of a component.

Displaying a Page Setup Dialog

This section describes the standard page setup dialog and teaches you how to use it to allow a user to set up a print job.

Printing a Collection of Pages

In this section, you find out how to set up a Book to print a collection of pages that do not all have the same size or orientation.

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