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ISBN 0-201-63454-6
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As of 4/18/97, The Java Tutorial is number 16 in the Amazon.com Computer 50.

The following review was submitted to Amazon by matt@atg.com on 03/19/97 who gave the tutorial an overall rating of 10 out of 10.

The best overall introduction to Java I've seen

I haven't read the printed version, but I've gone through the online Java 1.1 tutorial at www.javasoft.com, and it's a stellar achievement. The material is clear, concise, and informative. The organization is logical and easy to follow, and the use of multiple "trails" to guide the reader through the *relevant* sections of the tutorial based on his or her interest is a wonderful innovation.

Even the most experienced Java programmers I know continually learn new tricks and techniques from the tutorial. The new material on JavaBeans, the 1.1 JNI interface, and other new Java 1.1 features is especially welcome.

A must-read for anyone starting out as a Java programmer, and those of us who *think* we already *know* Java can probably pick up a new trick or two as well.

"This book rocks.... We think it's an awesome tutorial straight from the people who created Java."
-- The Jolly Roger The Java Bookshelf

4 stars. "This book is the right choice if you are a Java programmer or just a hopeful. The Java Tutorial touched on a lot of unique methods in Java that others have left undocumented."
-- Johnathan Mark Smith, Java Book Reviews

"This book is a thorough tutorial on the Java language.... The book is structured so that you can go straight through or choose your topics at random after the introductory section. I particularly like that the larger code examples are relegated to an appendix so as not to interrupt the flow of the text.... This is a serious book for learning the Java language."
-- Cye H. Waldman, Cye H. Waldman's Definitive HTML Book List (featured book, week of September 16)

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